Proudly Serving Wisconsin Since 1946.

Proudly Serving Wisconsin
Since 1946.

About Graphic Composition

Graphic Composition

History and Background of Graphic Composition:

Our corporate philosophy is... "Solution Oriented" for our customers. We never allow ourselves to be a “me too” printer! Graphic Composition is family owned, and has been in existence since 1946 and was known as a high-quality typographer. We are a survivor of technologies and continue as a high-tech graphics arts firm. We present ourselves as a High-Tech, Solution Orientated, complete one-stop firm, including Web-to-Print (Just-in-Time printing), translations, state-of-the-art printing, including personalized and variable to fulfillment and complete in-house mailing. We have been a Beta site and Alpha site for many pieces of equipment and software in the Graphics Arts industry. In fact, most recently we were the first commercial printer to own a Xerox iGen Digital Press in Wisconsin.


We listen to our Customers... meeting and exceeding their expectations. We work hard for our Customers... using efficient methods to deliver their project on time. We care for our Customers... building trust and fostering long-term business relationships. The continued growth of Graphic Composition ensures that we will be ready to meet your needs today and well into the future.